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Bara Bungalow

Bara Bungalow - Relive the Legacy

Inspiring leisure and lifestyle experiences, at Bara bungalow we are all about rekindling the nostalgia and charm of open spaces.
Away from the hustle bustle of the city, our unique boutique home style bungalows offer you that very carefree and memorable holiday you have always been longing for.

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Set in beautiful locations, each Bara Bungalow is intricately designed and has been especially hand-crafted with minute details to offer you a glimpse into the local culture and people.

Offering bespoke hospitality, service at Bara Bungalow is different than any other. At Bara Bungalow, our endeavor is to make your holiday a perfect one. The philosophy of the establishment is very simple yet elegant and stems from the sentiment of proficient natives serving evolved influencers.

So come and experience the nostalgic exotica at our Bara Bungalow properties and we promise you an unforgettable stay.

Our Properties:
- Bara Bungalow, Gethia, Nainital
- Bara Bungalow Jeolikote, Nainital
- Bara Bungalow Kalwar, Jaipur 
- Bara Bungalow Amer, Jaipur
Bara Bungalow South Goa

The place would be managed by local people who are drenched in the service culture to provide a Luxe experience to the guests. Theywould be trained, groomed yet not be stereotyped when it comes to giving lodging & boarding services. The customers would be greeted in the local ways whether sprinkling of kewra water or garlanding but always with a welcome drink.

It would be the entire team and not one person to display wholeheartedness like in the days of the yesteryears at bungalows.

So come relive the charm of traditional hospitality and recreate memories of a forgotten era.


ROSA - Bold, Bohemian Contemporary  style Boutique properties

ROSA is our pride.
Our contemporary offering for the evolved traveler, ROSA is all about comfort, connections and personal space. The bonding of friendship, the essence of togetherness, the laughter, the walk in the rain and that craziness. ROSA is all that and much more.

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ROSA, celebrates the new age era while rekindling nostalgia, comfort and trust. Contemporary boutique properties, Rosa are all about welcoming the traveler with experiential offerings extending from rooms and dining experiences.

At ROSA, you will enjoy lifestyle experiences at handpicked locations offering innovative accommodations equipped with the latest technology and curated in the most breath-taking earthy tones.

So, let loose and indulge yourself at ROSA. We promise not to let you down.

Our Properties:
Rosa Bandhavgarh Meadows, Bandhavgarh
Rosa Kuber Mandovi Bay, North Goa