Boutique, Heritage HOMEs offering curated Lifestyle Experiences

Wouldn’t you want to relive those exciting childhood getaways at your grandparent’s house? The days when you would dance barefoot in the rain, those carefree holidays when tanning in the sun was not a concept but letting your hair down and running in the park with your friends and cousins was the best summer break you couldn’t wait for. Vacations are considered to be nostalgic reminders from the good old days. Hence, Rosakue’s intent to curate a subtle and yet a boundless retreat guarantees every traveler’s childlike delight. Nested within the comfort of heritage, amidst the hills, in the forest and at beach sides, we assure a memorable experience for all kind of travelers.

Take a chance at experiencing our inherent local style of services which is unique to each destination wrapped in their rich flavor of homegrown lifestyle. We are committed towards pampering and hosting our travelers with the most warm-hearted approach to bring out their candid selves with a feeling of being at H.O.M.E. (Hospitality-Outstanding-Memorable-Enjoyable)

Diversity, sensitivity, togetherness, and nostalgia are the four most essential ingredients behind Rosakue’s outlook. Our properties offer a unique experience of a legacy at Bara Bungalow and contemporary experiences at Rosa. All our brands stand out with an individual identity sharing a common vision of creating a strong sense of community packaged in premium style and flamboyance.

Rosakue is led by handpicked industry experts to assist with the operations of hospitality assets. As a team, we are dedicated to raising the bar in hospitality by achieving quality driven standards in all our properties.

Our properties are built for evolved travelers who are seeking unique and individualized experiences. Free-spirited individuals who choose to be in their own skin  are who we cater to. At Rosakue, we believe in setting our customers free from formalities and simply let them enjoy the ambiance.

We look forward to welcoming you to our one of a kind properties. We promise you the most exhilarating experience and redefine the perfect vacation spot.