Relive the legacy

Bara Bungalow

Escape the shackles of city life to a boutique homestay hidden away in the tranquil lap of nature. Soothe your senses with the fragrance of the past, find comfort in heritage accents and seek joy in old legends. Turn back the clock to childhood holidays, lazy afternoons, family laughter and endless meals. Recreate a scrapbook of familiar memories at Bara Bungalow.


Bara Bungalow Jeolikote


Melt into the misty calm of the Kumaon foothills where pine trees, verdant valleys and wild streams chalk out a timeless landscape. Burrow into a red-roofed Kipling-era Jeolikote cottage with fairy...

Bara Bungalow Kalwar


Fulfil fantasies of regal living in a 200-year old Haveli carved out of a castle in Kalwar, Rajasthan, with towering mountains in the background. Wrap yourself in the splendour of Rajputana decor a...

Bara Bungalow, South Goa


Immerse in the serenity of an elegant, historic villa in South Goa located in Assolna Village. Live the sunshi...

Bara Bungalow Thanedhar Narkanda


Unwind in a rustic heritage bungalow tucked away in an apple and cherry orchard estate in Thanedhar, Kotgarh. It is the best place to st...