Facilities Offered at Bara Bungalow, Gethia - A Bungalow Near Nainital

Taking inspiration from travels along the Mediterranean cliffs, the new wing ‘The Ridge Bungalow’ at our bungalow near Nainital is defined by its stucco walls. Approached by a tunnel-like walkway from the pool deck, the Ridge Bungalow sits elevated on the mountain spur, with vast lawns rolling out in front of it.

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At the heart of the house, on the ground floor, lies the dining area and living room, both with magnificent fireplaces beneath the old rafters. Sit at the bar, idle around the fireplace, and have a hearty family meal at the high table.

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Swimming Pool
(Temporarily Closed)

Revel in the water, laze on the wooden deck and let nature heal you. The central space of the house is sun-kissed in winters and shaded by trees in summers. It is almost magnet-like, making it impossible to move away. Make your way over and unwind amidst serenity at one of the best holiday stays near Nainital with a swimming pool!

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Activity Room

Clash with friends over a game of pool or ping pong, or cheer for your favorite team or watch old classic movies sitting around the television. You can also work out since this room includes gym equipment. The warm, completely wooden shed has the feel of an old clubhouse where you can chill on your own, or hang out with friends and family.

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The Reading Room
An old-world library lined with books and furnished with comfortable sofas. Just the place to read a book with a drink by your side. Intimate and warm, it’s exactly where you would want to spend a few hours on a relaxing weekend vacation. It’s time to catch up on that book you’ve been carrying around!

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Land's End

The last point of the estate, the two large terraces lie under the shade of an old pine tree and offer a fantastic vista of a series of valleys all the way to the plains. A quiet haven to have a beer, eat, read, or watch dinky vehicles wind their way up the snaking mountain roads.