Road Trip To Kasauli - The Perfect Getaway Near Delhi


Looking forward to a getaway near Delhi? Now is the best time to take that long road trip that you always planned for. So how about driving down to Kasauli! Nestled amidst the lofty Shivalik Range, the small hill station is the perfect getaway for all kinds of travellers - whether you’re looking for a honeymoon in Kasauli, an adventurous holiday, or just a relaxing time with friends and family in a quaint resort in Kasauli - this British era cantonment town has something in store for everyone!

How To Get There?



Located about 5.5 hours from Delhi, Kasauli is a picturesque little town, surrounded by misty mountains with oak, pine and chestnut trees. You can travel to Kasauli from different parts of Delhi and NCR, and other towns like Chandigarh, Ambala and Jaipur. If you are travelling by train, alight at Kalka Railway Station. The Chandigarh Airport is just 67 kilometres from Kasauli, while the Delhi airport is 303 kilometres away. However, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, travelling has come to a standstill, especially by means of public transport. The best way would undoubtedly be a road trip to Kasauli - a drive through the winding roads flanked by valleys, forests and mountains is always a good idea!

Best Places To Visit In Kasauli


Sunset Point

What is so special about a sunset in this special place in Kasauli? Well, you need to see it to know it. One of the best places to visit in Kasauli, Sunset Point offers spectacular views of the skies in the evening. From this panoramic viewpoint, you can watch the sky bursting into shades of deep crimson and orange, before merging into the colours of thick clouds of the night. Be prepared to trek for a bit to reach this viewpoint in Kasauli.

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Manki Point

Another famous viewpoint in Kasauli, Manki Point is known for its natural beauty, spellbinding views and the blissful quietude. At this serene place, one can easily while away an hour or two. From Manki Point, one of the best places to visit in Kasauli, one can view the city of Chandigarh, as well as amazing mountain and valley views. Be prepared to meet a few friendly monkeys here, and do not forget to carry your camera, binoculars and a bottle of water.

Copy of Lower Mall

Mall Road

Built during the colonial times, Mall Road, dotted with cafes, shops, and churches, and is reminiscent of a beautiful bygone era. Try out different kinds of food at the roadside eateries, buy souvenirs at the little shops that dot the streets, visit the churches and take a walk in the park. Or, you could just sit on a roadside bench and enjoy the serene ambience of the town. This is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Kasauli and must feature in your itinerary if you are visiting this hill station near Delhi.

Where To Stay In Kasauli


After that beautiful road trip to Kasauli, what you definitely need is a beautiful retreat where you can enjoy your time off, in peace and solitude. Welcome to Bara Bungalow, Kasauli, one of the best holiday bungalows in Kasauli. Located just 2 kilometres from the Mall Road market, our getaway in Kasauli offers everything that you are looking for - a little bit of history, mesmerizing ambience and locations, opulent accommodation, modern comforts and the best hospitality services. This getaway in Kasauli was once a colonial bungalow, which has now been restored and is open for guests who want to have a good time.