Relive the legacy

Escape the shackles of city life to a boutique homestay hidden away in the tranquil lap of nature. Soothe your senses with the fragrance of the past, find comfort in heritage accents and seek joy in old legends. Turn back the clock to childhood holidays, lazy afternoons, family laughter and endless meals. Recreate a scrapbook of familiar memories at Bara Bungalow.

Handpicked Destinations


The Pink City is a sensory extravaganza of exquisite architecture, age-old crafts and delectable cuisine. Pick a royal residence of your own to set the tone in the flamboyant capital of Rajasthan.

Bara Bungalow, Kalwar


This small lakeside town in the Kumaon foothills in Uttarakhand has been an eternal favourite for generations. Retreat to a private hill hideaway with thick forest cover, fresh air and starry skies for company.

Bara Bungalow, Jeolikote


The eternal beach destination promises sunshine and palm fronds, but also a distinctive historic character, rural landscapes and bohemian culture. Live local in a true-blue Portuguese villa and Susegad will be yours.

Bara Bungalow, South Goa


The land of mighty mountain ranges, thick deodar forests, verdant valleys and rushing rivers, is hard to resist, any time of the year. Find your happy place in the lap of the Himalayas and get a glimpse of nirvana.

Bara Bungalow, Thanedhar: Say hello to apple country

Bespoke Moments

Starlit Dinner va5uev

Starlit Dinner

A private table set up under the star-speckled sky, a sumptuous spread and private servers waiting discreetly, just a whisper away. Because you are the occasion.

Inner Zen ulxp9p

Inner Zen

Recharge your body and mind. Reconnect with your spiritual side. Align your chakras over a session of meditation or yoga. The pristine setting helps.

Nature Walk zny8l6

Nature Walks

Lose a sense of time hiking along hilly paths and lush green valleys. Listen to birdsong and smell fresh flowers. Claim your right to commune with the outdoors.

Farm Fresh qdvr1l

Farm Fresh

Savour the charms of farming life, learn about organic produce, taste a wholesome meal in a rustic setting. Simple delights rooted in tradition, our way.

Bonfire Bonhomie iluo22

Bonfire Bonhomie

Warmth of an open fire, strumming of a guitar, favourite songs sung in chorus and addictive snacks. Let us design an old-world wintry evening for you.

Rustic Touch lwxd74

Rustic Touch

Ditch the flashy wheels, climb a camel cart and blend into the rural landscape, away from hectic urbanisation. Slow down with us on an offbeat path.

Foodie fliar hpupip

Foodie Flair

Deep dive into culture, the delicious way. Experiment with authentic flavours of regional cuisine and local ingredients. Freshly whipped up in our kitchens.

Local Loop gutygw

Local Loop

Explore the attractions of the local area at your convenience and feel the pulse of the city.