Here's why you mustn't miss this trip to Kalwar while in Jaipur?

Jaipur is the heart of Rajasthan, and as the name suggests, the pink city, Jaipur, is filled with colours, heritage, and history to the city. Known as a commercial hub, Jaipur is one of India's most visited tourist destinations. Although these are some strong reasons to visit Jaipur, there is much more to it.

When planning a vacation in Jaipur, one should never miss out on the opportunity to explore the tradition and history of this place. Home to innumerable Havelis and forts, one should always explore the beauty of these sites. On vacation in Jaipur and living in a mansion or centuries-old Haveli can be a dream for all. We were staying in rooms that once were used by the royalty. Bara Bungalow, Kalwar in Jaipur, is the perfect place and destination for this purpose.

This destination is perfect for all those who wish to stay a little aloof and detox in the quiet, surrounded by lush greenery and mountains and it is also perfect for all those who love to always stay on foot, whenever on vacation. This haveli stay in Jaipur will take you back two centuries and make you familiar with the history. At Bara Bungalow, Kalwar, keep yourself busy with the company of peacocks in the vast gardens and admire the beauty of surrounding nature.

Bara Bungalow, Kalwar is a heritage haveli in Jaipur. Built with royal architecture, this fort once belonged to the royal clan of Rajputana. A 200-year old haveli with a regal ambience, Bara Bungalow Kalwar was carved out of a fort surrounded by towering green mountains. The style and decor still speak of the royal craftsmanship, and the walls tell the story of the battles fought in this palace. A true gem for today's generation, experience the best stay at this Haveli and explore the history and mystery the fort holds.

There is a lot to do in and around this Haveli. When arriving at this boutique home, the guests are always welcomed with a traditional dance and welcoming ceremony. The home offers various services like in-house Yoga sessions for all those who wish to rejuvenate here, local village walks for all those adventure freaks, and a rustic camel cart ride that takes you to all the nearby famous places. The home is known for its evening bohemian bonfires, celebrating all the guests who stay at Bara Bungalow. One can always spend some quality time with their family or friends during this time.

Children always love the in-house swimming pool, and if they needs to feel fresh and energetic, they can always take a lap in the pool. To add to the romance of couples, Bara Bungalow offers private dinners under the sky or a candlelight dinner also under the stars. The lounge area is decorated with vintage-style props and furniture, where one can always enjoy some quality time with their kids and family.

No vacation is complete without good food! At Bara Bungalow, you will be treated and nurtured with the best four-course menu, specially crafted by the best local chefs of Jaipur. The food here at the in-house diner is specially curated with authentic local flavours and spices. Be it Rajasthani cuisine or any other Indian cuisine, all chefs are professionally trained and will give you the best service as well. One does not need to go around the place to have tasty and fulfilling food as you will always remain full at this Haveli.

Grand Royal Rooms

The royal theme or architecture is not limited to the interiors of the fort, and it is the very basis of the interior design of the rooms. The bedrooms are huge and showcase the traditional artistry and architecture of Rajasthan. Big beds, scented diyas, framed portraits, antique and vintage furniture, and tall arched windows count as the true essence of this royal fort. Get comfortable in these rooms for a long or a short stay with the turndown services of hot milk in the rooms.

Make Bara Bungalow, Homestay in Jaipur your next dream vacation, and have a fun-filled vacation.


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