Boutique Stays - Perfect for Intimate Celebrations

Human relationships have taken quite the turn in 2020. The sudden change in human interaction dynamics has called for a shift in individual lives, and how we maintain relationships with those we cannot meet (and with those we're suddenly always around!) Understandably, it's now time to rejuvenate and revisit these relationships. To take a chance to get together with those you've been apart from. To relook at the ones you've spent all these months with in a different light. And what better to do that than on a luxurious getaway? Mid-sized boutique properties have become ideal spaces to travel for personal occasions. Indulge yourself in a much needed vacation with your loved ones in these small & safe properties, and rekindle that spark.

Wedding anniversaries

Celebrate the incredibly committed milestones of your love on a vacation, and unwind with your social bubble! Weddings are one of those memorable occasions that many of us wish to honour in a unique way! They definitely deserve a special something! Replicate your homely life of love and give it a palatial touch. Our Bara Bungalow, Amer and Kalwar have just the right heritage atmosphere. Stroll through corridors where conversations have shaped history, and stand in the courtyard in your empire of love! Muse yourself with traditional folklore as the backdrop to your beloved event.

Pre-wedding get-togethers

Are you tired of planning your wedding for months? Nervous about the overwhelming emotions around the entire event? How about you get a few friends together, and remember the best parts of your life, before you tie the knot. Head to the valleys of Uttarakhand, as you give in to the principles of meditation. Dine in with your handful of friends on a private rooftop of the Bara Bungalow, and reconnect with them. Or choose to travel to Bara Bungalow Gethia, Nainital to spend windy evenings of joy. Tuck yourselves away in the simplicities of the little cottage that will provide you extreme comfort. The valley of Kumaon is visible from the cottage. Embrace its beautiful view in the handcrafted rooms!

Small celebratory occasions

Just get away with your near and dear ones if you want to celebrate a personal milestone you achieved professionally, or just pay an ode to your friend's big promotion! Go on a vacation to forget the daily bustle of life, and explore what nature has to offer. Plan a picnic, and soak into the wooden recliners amidst the Bandhavgarh forests. Acquaint your senses with the unique type of trees that surround you, and make friends with the little furry animals you meet. Stay at Bara Bungalow, go for a walk in the village, and manifest all the heritage you encounter. Best way for you and your best friend to unwind!

Family quality time

There is no relationship more important than your family. The lockdown has kept many families apart, and you do not want to drift away from them! Even if you have spent months with their presence around, it is time to share a different room and environment. Reconnect with your parents, children, spouses, or roommates! Perhaps in the Grandma's cottage in Bara Bungalow Jeolikote, Nainital. Amidst age old stories, traditions, and a lot of room for comfort, share a different space with your family. Reminisce of going to your Nani's home in your childhood summer vacations!