Mi Casa es Su Casa: The Soul of Rosakue!

Whats the best thing about home? It's safe, it's comfortable, you can truly be yourself and you have every inch of it memorized. At Rosakue, all our properties are not just ours. They're YOUR second home. They're your vacation abode where you can kick back, relax and just be yourself. Time and time again, we've used the phrase Mi Casa Es Su Casa - My home is your home. This time, we want to give you a little glimpse of your home. A little trailer of what awaits you on your next staycation and all that you can look forward to.Let's start with the Queen of the Hills.

Nainital is always beautiful. But what's more is that your Bara Bungalow awaits you. It's said that Gandhiji himself enjoyed a cup of tea within these very walls of Bara Bungalow Gethia, Nainital. And Jim Corbett often dropped in to say hi to the lady of the house. Such is the legend of this place. A simple cottage, tucked under the hills that holds such fond memories. You'll share the entire space with your loved ones but remember to leave a little room for the legends of the past. With 12 handcrafted rooms that overlook the valley of Kumaon, you know it's the right choice for your next staycation.

Who doesn't love Granny's cottage? There's always a collection of antiques that carry age-old traditions and stories. With an ever-flowing pool of food, conversations, comfort and bliss - Bara Bungalow Jeolikote, Nainital brings you the experience of a Grandma's cottage. Complete with comfortable couches, lounge areas, scenic views. This cottage is crafted with the idea of comfort and the reminiscence of the by-gone area. Go back to your childhood days in Jeolikote.

Palace life meets the homely vibes. That's the story of our Rajasthan properties. It holds the stories of great Kings and warriors. Every wall is stitched with the memory of conversations that shaped history. With large gardens, backyards and the full courtyard available at your disposal, you needn't have to share your experience with anybody else. Enjoy Rajsthani folklore, the rural life with a blend of all the modern amenities. Say hello to the peacocks that fly down during your evening walks. Experience the aura of our past while feeling right at home.