Goa is always a good idea, but even better with a twist in the tale. Surprise yourself by skipping the predictable beach and breeze itinerary. Give art and adventure a chance when you escape to India’s coastal capital the next time.

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After months of staying locked indoors, we know everyone can’t wait to greet the outdoors with big smiles and open arms. At Rosakue, we’re excited to greet you!

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What's the best thing about home? It's safe, it's comfortable, you can truly be yourself and you have every inch of it memorized. At Rosakue, all our properties are not just ours. They're YOUR second home!

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Human relationships have taken quite the turn in 2020. Understandably, it’s now time to rejuvenate and revisit these relationships. Indulge yourself in a much needed vacation with your loved ones in these small & safe properties, and rekindle that spark.