Experience Royalty at Bara Bungalow Homestay - without Pinching Your Pocket!


28 September 2022, 12:00 p.m.

Whether you are history savvy, a foodie, or have a thing for adventures, Jaipur has something for everyone.

Jaipur is all about vibrant colours, incredible art, and majestic forts. From the famous dal baati choorma, magnificent monuments, and jewellery to the ancient culture, the city will surely transport you to an alternate reality of the imperial lifestyle.

a man and a child standing near a fort in Rajasthan

Where you choose to stay on a holiday makes all the difference. Bara Bungalow, Kalwar by Rosakue, is an apt choice where you get to experience royalty and thrill your soul with the unparalleled legacy of Jaipur. Rosakue's handpicked boutique homestays offer comfort curated to your preference and impeccable hospitality to begin and end a day with.

Legacy of Bara Bungalow, Kalwar, Jaipur

Built to serve you as a second home, our property is all set to greet you. Here you can experience the luxury of living in a 200-year-old Heritage Haveli. The property is a castle, covered with towering mountains all around, with Rajputana aesthetics architecture,

Imagine finding your homestay amidst the echo of peacocks, lush greenery, and lavish rooms while it doesn't hit hard on your budget.

You must be thinking that you have ample options to consider in the name of heritage hotels and guest house in Jaipur, so why should you stay at Bara Bungalow, Kalwar?

Well, continue reading this article to find out.

Bara Bungalow Kalwar exterior

The excellence of Bara Bungalow, Kalwar 

Taking precedence over the excellence of Havelis in Jaipur, Bara Bungalow greets every guest with the Tilak ritual. We believe in the tradition of Atithi Devo Bhava and celebrate every guest's arrival in an intact traditional manner.

Additionally, the turndown facilities include the provision of Diyas in your room, arrangement of hot milk, a 24-hour operational front desk, luggage storage, concierge services and Wi-Fi in all areas. Not only that, but if you have missed your breakfast, you can enjoy a hearty meal with the extended breakfast timings. To ensure the guests' utmost care, Rosakue provides first aid kits and an on-call doctor facility in case of any emergency.

The permanent love of your family

Allow your little hearts to play as much as they want. Bara Bungalow, Kalwar Jaipur, offers kids' play areas near the outer pool. When counting the indoor games, your whole family can chase the fun of numerous board games like carrom, ludo etc.

Terrace and garden, for keeping up the fitness game. You can attend your workout regime in the dedicated gym and yoga room.

However, if you seek professional guidance, you can ask to get in touch with Yoga instructors.

Moreover, this place could be the perfect banquet venue for your next corporate event or family function.

Celebrate life with extravagant rooms

Every room has a touch of royalty in its decor. The fortress facade at the beginning is blended seamlessly with classy interiors to give the guests a taste of Rajasthani aesthetic grandeur.

This heritage haveli in Jaipur truly sets unmatched Pinterest goals when it comes to impeccable interiors. The walls of Bara Bungalow are filled with Rajputana art. Besides comfy beds and vintage lighting, the jharokha of every room will surely leave you amazed. If you are about to book your stay at Bara Bungalow Kalwar, Jaipur, then you can select your room from the following categories:

• Superior Rooms
• Heritage Rooms

The parking facility is available on the premises, conveniently located and easily accessible by guests. However, if you do not have a personal vehicle, you can choose the assistance of car rentals for a little additional charge.

The authentic Rajasthani cuisine treat 

This 19th-century haveli is located away from the hustle-bustle of the central city.
Encircled by greenery and a beautiful mountain range, it provides an experience to enjoy our stay in peace.

The on-site restaurant caters to your enjoyment of food by offering a wide variety of cuisines. However, while planning to bump into this magnificent haveli, do not miss out on enjoying daily and weekly specials prepared with local Rajasthani ingredients.

Furthermore, to expand your attachment to food, Bara Bungalow, Kalwar, entwines your fun by making you a part of a live kitchen experience.

a meal platter wth rice and inidan curries

The ultimate village experience

During your homestay at the Bara Bungalow, you can own the village life experience. Situated a few minutes from the airport and railway station, this property is easy to access and visiting the nearby attractions is convenient.

Well, the rustic camel cart ride and a walking tour of the village will make your experience filled with Rajasthani culture.

Book your Heritage stay today

Now, you can initiate the booking if you think you have found your one-stop destination to make your Jaipur trip a bit extra special. Starting from accommodation to hospitality, the fun of resting at Bara Bungalow, Kalwar Jaipur resort, will stay with you forever.