Explore the Unexplored at Rosa Suvaasa, Ramgarh Nainital


10th March 2022, 11:34 a.m.

Breathe in the fresh air of hills, let go of all your worries and tensions, escape from the mundane routines of your life and stay at the Rosa Suvaasa Ramgarh, a homestay in Nainital.

Set in the lap of Kumaon hills of Nainital, Rosa Suvaasa is a boutique home spread across 1.5 acres of land. Surrounded by fruit-rich valleys, the location is perfect for all the adventure lovers as well as nature lovers. Everyone knows what Nainital is famous for, its boating, the mall road and the beautiful treks but not many know about the history that this beautiful place holds.


Apart from many famous people, Kumaon hills was the favourite place of the world renowned poet, Rabindranath Tagore. He often visited Ramgarh to get away from his daily life, to seek inspiration from nature and spend some alone time with his thoughts to produce some of the best compositions of his time. He stayed right at the top of the Tiger Top Trek. When visiting Rosa Suvaasa, homestay near Nainital, one can jump on this Tiger top trek with their friends or family to discover the united combination of nature and history.

At Rosa Survaasa, spend time outdoors, gaze at the stars and the moon, get addicted to the starry mountain nights and experience the slight chill of the wind at night. Be it a squad reunion, family celebration or a work vacation, Rosa Survaasa is the best destination for a get together, where people can spend quality time together away from the daily noise of crowds.

At Rosa Survaasa, one can throw a tea party at the terrace with the best view of the mountains. While children can play board games on the terrace, the adults of the family can sip hot tea and eat mouth-watering pakoras. For a cosy evening, all families can get together around the bonfire and listen to the live music. Newly wed couples can take their romance to new heights with a romantic starlit dinner. Right on the open deck, couples can indulge in a private moment and surrounded by candlelights and under the open sky filled with stars, they can have the best time of their lives. If you are an avid reader, you can snuggle with your favourite books from an in-house library and dive into your favourite fiction with a cup of hot chocolate, looking at the mountains.


Along with the boutique home, there is a river and people can visit the place to sit and enjoy the calm of the hills. The gushing water surrounded by green valleys is a pleasing view. Make this a family picnic and have fresh, flavourful, hot and delicious food right by the side of the rippling river.
Rosa Survaasa offers quaint nature walks and treks which are rejuivanting. Explored by all nature lovers and adventurers, on these walks one can indulge in bird watching as well. The trek through the forest reaches the Bhalu Gaad waterfall, which looks like a hidden gem in the valleys of Ramgarh.


Cosy rooms

The boutique home is built with nine cosy and restful rooms with feature king-size beds, eclectic furnishings, aesthetic wall accessories, plush rugs, sleek wardrobes and attached bathrooms. All come with their private balconies, which open to the whole canvas of the mountains. The spacious interiors come equipped for every contemporary comfort to suit your new-age lifestyle. One can even come for a long stay at this homestay, as the rooms give you the same comfort of your bedroom with an added advantage of the beautiful view.


Delightful dining

The in-house cafe serves a vast variety of menu, one member of the family can enjoy a cheesy pizza while the other member can have the authentic delicacies of Kumaon, Ramgarh. Make your dining experience special by sitting under the starry sky and order the best food of Kumaon. The specialty of the in-house cafe, O bite is the freshly caught rainbow- trout, which is best tasted when grilled or roasted.

Tourist Spots

There are uncountable tourist spots in the hills of Kumaon, but some of these hold historical and religious significance as well. The Tiger Top trek is an undiscovered trek, which makes way for people to reach the place where Rabindranath Tagore once rested. Along with this, there is also a Tagore Bhawan in the hills of Almora which is a must visit for all the tourists. Apart from this, there is also a very famous Shiva Temple, situated in Mukteshwar and it is one of the most holy places of India.



The idea behind creating a chain of Rosa boutique homes is that a guest always feels at home. Be it in hills or at a beach, no one can miss their homes and comfort zone and for that all boutique homes offer a variety of services. At Rosa Survaasa, the best homestay in Nainital, you will live the way you live at home, you can have warm milk at night before sleeping or soaked almonds in the morning, a hot water bottle to keep you warm at night or a jar of local honey to mix in your milk. Once visited, the guests become a part of the Rosa family.