Mi Casa es Su Casa: Where Small is Safe

After months of staying locked indoors, we know everyone can’t wait to greet the outdoors with big smiles and open arms. At Rosakue, we’re excited to greet YOU! With warm smiles and open arms. All the while maintaining a safe distance. It’s times like these when it’s increasingly important to stay safe rather than sorry and no one understands it better than our team at Rosakue.

Our motto at Rosakue is ‘Small is Safe.’ Every day we’re improving and taking small steps towards your SAFETY. Not only that, but we also entertain fewer guests. And for you, we create your own small, safe haven to enjoy your vacay without fear.

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Our bungalows and homes are easily accessible by road. This means you do not have to risk air or train travel. You can start your journey with your loved ones in the comfort of your own car. We have already started preparing for your arrival by increasing the frequency of disinfecting, sanitizing, and fumigating all public areas at our properties. Our staff is undergoing robust training to implement all the necessary norms as guided by the WHO to ensure your at-most safety.

A facemask, sanitizer, and your own water bottle are provided upon arrival. We regularly check our employees’ temperature with a digital thermometer. And also check the temperature of our guests before their entry. We disinfect all baggage after obtaining permission from the guests. All guest room keys are preplaced to ensure minimum contact.

An alcohol-based sanitizer is placed on every floor and all public areas. Our staff always wear sanitized gloves and masks. Our laundry is carried out at high heat and everything ranging from napkins to towels are washed. All raw materials like fruits and vegetables are washed thoroughly and all packaging is checked twice before use.

We only use government-recommended disinfectants. And all the safety protocols by the government and WHO are followed to the tee. We know that home is the one place you feel the safest and that’s exactly what we want you to feel in your second home. At all of the Rosakue properties. All our boutique and lifestyle properties offer you the comfort and coziness of your own homes; while our team strives to pamper you.

At Rosakue, you also have the freedom of choice. You can choose if you want to drive down to your staycation by the hills, in the forests, or enjoy the heritage of our country with our Bara Bungalow properties.

“Mi Casa Es Su Casa” which means ‘My home is your home’ is Rosakue’s mantra. You will experience this for yourself in every nook and corner of the place. Enjoy the freedom of having your own personal space with just you and your loved ones. In a way, you are the owner of your staycation property.

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Relive your childhood days of summer vacay in your grandparents’ cottages, getting drenched in the rain while singing your favorite songs, playing games with your friends to jumping on the swings in the park.

Wake up the inner child in you with a safe, stunning, mesmerizing, nostalgic staycation like no other only at Rosakue. You pick the place and the date and we’ll pick up your plans to ensure you have the most magical experience of a lifetime.