Witness the ‘Homecoming’ in the City of Joy this Durga Puja 


Kolkata is fondly called the city of joy and enjoys a rich historical legacy, having served as the hub of the 19th and early 20th-century Bengal Renaissance and the British capital of India. The illustrious past of Kolkata reflects through its numerous majestic monuments, structures, and architectural marvels. 

While you can visit Kolkata any time of the year, Durga Puja is the perfect time to enjoy the city's festivities and grandeur. The festival is observed from September to October or during the month of Ashwin, according to the Indian calendar. It marks the victory of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura or good over evil.

an idol of durga being carved

The ten-day festival is world-famous and attracts enormous crowds who enjoy the festival and the colorful pandals. It's the time to see people in traditional clothing and to see them dance to the sounds of dhol. Moreover, the city would be decked in vibrant colours where the sparkling lights all around would not only brighten the darkest corner but also brighten your heart.

Durga Puja celebrates 'life' and 'living.' It combines colours, music, rituals, art, culture, and more. It appears that this city's joys are out on its streets. As a result, Durga Puja becomes an expression of the city. During these few days, the entire city bursts into laughter.

Amazing things to do during Durga Puja: 

Be a Spectator of the Surrealness Being Sculpted

Most artisans reside in the famous area Kumartuli in North Kolkata, where idols of Goddess Durga are sculpted. Be a witness to the poetry in motion. There is a certain allure in witnessing such a spectacle. It appears like Goddess Durga is blessing you with her divine presence.

You can also observe Chokkhu daan, where artisans draw eyes on the ideals of Goddess Durga. The legend is that the Goddess descends on Earth only after her eyes are painted. 

artisans working on an idol

Pandal hopping

Durga Puja is incomplete unless you have visited various pandals or exhibitions. The highlight of Durga Puja is visiting the countless exhibitions of Goddess Durga, each with an unusual theme or decorative style. This vehement display of devotion is seen in the pandals, where people dance to the rhythm of Thaap and enjoy themselves.

Kolkata has thousands of pandals, so visiting each one is difficult. The most well-known ones are located near north and south Kolkata, conveniently connected by the Metro railway. In addition, nighttime is famous for pandal hopping when everything is lit up.

musicians performing inside a pandal

Relish on Street Food

Most food bloggers say that attending Durga Puja without enjoying street food is a crime. The carnival vibes continue during the festive season. Kolkata-style puchkas, delicious Kathi roll, hot steamed momos, tela bhaja, mishti doi and numerous other street foods add to the fun. Furthermore, traditional Bengali snacks and sweets are lined up along with other delicacies. 

aalu dom and other traditional Bengali dishes

Pay a Visit to Radiant Rituals of Durga Puja

Durga Puja in Kolkata is celebrated with incredible devotion on these holy days. Devotees perform devotional practices and rituals on the ten days of the Puja, which begins with Mahalaya. Kumari Puja is performed on the eighth day of Durga Puja, and Vijaya Dashami is celebrated on the last day.

people greeting each other during durga puja

Bondi Barir Puja

The traditional Bondi Barir during Durga Puja Kolkata takes you back to the Bengali Zamindar days when traditional rituals were celebrated among wealthy households. The custom is still prevalent in Bengal, where people come and pray to the Goddess Durga in the courtyards of the Havelis. You can pay a visit to experience the stately celebrations at their best.

devotees praying to durga

Sindoor Khela

Sindoor Khela is the fun part of Durga Puja. Married Bengali women apply sindoor on the feet and forehead of the Goddess on the final day of the Durga Puja and present sweets to her. Later they apply sindoor on each other's faces and sing and dance together. It symbolizes the power of womanhood in protecting her husband and children from evil. Through the ritual of Sindur Khela, the Bengali Hindu women pray for long and happy married lives for each other.

an idol floating on water

Immersion of Durga Idols

Dashami, or the final day of Durga Puja, marks the end of festivities. In the evening, the idols of Goddess Durga are immersed in the water. The immersion ceremony indicates the end of the Goddess's annual stay at her paternal home and marks her return to her husband, Lord Shiva, at their heavenly abode on Mount Kailash. It makes for a splendid display to watch such a celebration in person. Moreover, worshiping the mother on this day alleviates life's difficulties.

interior of one of the rooms at Rosa Manor House

Sojourn at Majestic Rosa Manor House

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Rosa Manor House is a homage to the city's history and culture. It is situated in the heart of South Kolkata, called Ballygunge. The rooms and the architecture carry a warm vintage accent that replicates the British essence felt throughout the city. In addition, you can relish your taste buds at the in-house restaurant Bojangles. They offer one of the most exquisite diners at Ballygunge. The elegant ambiance serves as the talking point of the place, with the famous grilled dishes that leave you thrilled.

interior of our restaurant in Ballygunge

The superb connectivity and convenient location of the Rosa Manor House help you cover several famous fashion stores, dazzling nightclubs, archaic monuments, and popular restaurants, which should be on every traveller’s bucket list near this Ballygunge homestay.

 The various art galleries will satisfy your aesthete. The nearby BITM museum holds many interactive science and technology exhibitions that can address the curiosities of little science enthusiasts in your home. In addition, you can take blessings at the famous Birla Mandir situated at a stone's throw that attracts millions of devotees from all over the country.


The options are endless to indulge in quality time with your family and friends. This Durga Puja presents a perfect time to plan the long pending catch-up with your friends, a fantastic family vacation, or experience the jubilance this grand festival offers. Moreover, a stay at the Rosa Manor House serves as the perfect home far away from your home this Durga Puja. The warm hospitality, serene atmosphere, and authentic taste of the local cuisine will leave you wanting more and a truly divine experience forever etched in your memory.