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Rosa Gurugram

Home away from home

When you are traveling to Gurugram Rosa Gurugram is the place to check in to for home-like comfort. A modern and comfortable guesthouse located in the middle of the millennium city, Rosa Gurugram is built over four floors. With the sun pouring down on it the warm and cozy interiors are done up in the most aesthetic manner. Clean white walls lend a minimalist look while bright spots of color in art canvasses remind one of Greece. The community hall doubles up as a no-nonsense co-working space in the day and a lounge by evening. Contemporary touches of white and glass walls, wall art in fuchsia and teal, bright lighting, couches in velvet and bar chair seating make it a much sought after guesthouse in Gurgaon for travellers passing through.

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Rosa S.T.A.Y. Gurugram

For easy restful stays

It is all in the name ‘S.T.A.Y’ – it makes one stop and wonder ‘have I been running too long, should I now stay?’ Created with the desire to make people stay and catch their breath, Rosa S.T.A.Y is a clean and fresh oasis of warmth and comfort. Meant for long stays, this guesthouse in Gurgaon is a safe and convenient option to move into as its easy vibe encourages one to bask in the sun on the green terrace or exchange gossip over a working lunch. Professional services such as floor-wise kitchenettes, laundry, personal lockers, and housekeeping are available. Guests have a choice to either have a meal privately or enjoy in the company of other residents. Rosa S.T.A.Y is close to the commercial districts of Gurugram.

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About Gurgaon

Gurgaon, originally known as Gurugram, has finally developed into one of India's developed cities. The infrastructure development and wealth that this city has seen are simply unmatched. With the growth of party areas and the attraction of tourists, this location has evolved over time into a jovial metropolis. There are countless interesting attractions to choose from in Gurugram. Kingdom of Dream hosts live performances in addition to bringing the hospitality of several Indian states under one roof. Everything you need to be entertained during the day is in Cyber Hub. If you have a desire to experience a lavish stay, while delving into the city, you can single out one of the best hotels in Gurgaon. The hotels are the surreal epitome of opulence, comfort, and grandiosity. A hotel or a guesthouse in Gurgaon carries an exclusive style statement and furnishes a memorable experience to each traveler that hankers illusory bliss.