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Karwaan, Jaisalmer, Rosakue Partner Homes

Impressive luxury resort

If you are looking for a camping destination in Jaisalmer, Karwaan Jaisalmer is an ideal option for you. Karwaan is a great location as it is close to major sightseeing points such as the Jaisalmer Fort and Lake Gadisar among others. The best camp in Jaisalmer is likely to spoil you – there is luxury tented accommodation complete with a private bathroom with a shower, with the same amenities as that of a five-star hotel room! Cottages and villas are open to guests, and even a tree house is available! The property also boasts of a private infinity swimming pool that refreshes and revives flagging spirits. So what are you waiting for?

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About Jaisalmer

You can stroll through the narrow streets of old Jaisalmer to get a glimpse into the way of life of the locals as they create art and crafts. Thar, the Jaisalmer desert, is the ideal lure for travellers thanks to its abundant sunshine and endless, smooth sand spread. The best way to enjoy the allure of the desert is on a desert safari. where you can enjoy the magnificence of the moments while pounding to Rajasthani folk songs and traditional music. The most exciting nights deliver the finest meals at the best camp in Jaisalmer. There are numerous opulent resorts in this area that treat their visitors like princes or princesses. If you book the best resort in Jaisalmer, you will be provided with highly complacent and spacious rooms that will make your journey a remarkable one.