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Bara Bungalow Thanedhar Estate, Shimla

In the lap of nature

Bara Bungalow in Kotgarh shows off stunning views of the Himalayas above and the winding Sutlej river below truly making it a sight to behold. With trees laden with apples and cherries, this homestay near Shimla is nothing short of being magical. Rustic Pahadi d├ęcor, low ceiling rooms, carpeted floors and cozy fireplaces. Waking up to the melody of birds chirping, the crisp mountain air, faint smell of burnt logwood and freshly made breakfast. Could paradise be any different?

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About Shimla

For all travellers, Shimla, the queen of hills, offers an exhilarating environment. Tourists enjoy the region's snow-capped hills, fragrant with pine trees, and iconic buildings from the colonial era. This location is well known for its delicious red apples, which nourish numerous airy apple orchards. Shimla guarantees it has enough activities to keep most visitors happily absorbed during their trip, in addition to exploring the appeal of the mountains. The ice-skating rink in Shimla is known for being the biggest and best-maintained rink in South Asia. From humming malls, theaters, Churches, museums, resorts, and homestays in Shimlato scenic walking pathways, everything is there to keep you engaged. Make a plan if you haven't already indulged in the queen of hills. To guarantee a relaxed vacation and enjoy some charming views, you could choose a homestay near Shimla.