Experiences at Rosa Allita Hotels & Resorts, Kurseong,

Just For Two

Romantic dining experience under the stars with light romantic music and a 4-course menu.

PRICE: INR 1,800 + Tax


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Spiritual Awakening

Our hotel has a religious history of Gods and Goddesses that dates back to over 300 years. Be a part of morning arti being performed at Krishna Mandir & Satkanya Mandir.
Personalized Puja /Havan at the temple can be performed.

PRICE: INR 2000 + Tax

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Nature Walk

Enjoy a trek to the beautiful Sherpa's Point located at an altitude of 7000 ft. Overlooking beautiful mountains and valley.

PRICE: INR 200 + tax per person
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Chef's Garden Tour

Chef does a tour of the 'Chef's Garden' where guest handpicks the vegetable for an on-site cooking experience.

PRICE: INR 750 + Tax Per Person

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Local Culinary Experience

Enjoy a delightful local Nepalese Cuisine experience with our specially crafted four-course menu.

PRICE - INR 750 + Tax Per Person

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City Experiences

Explore the beautiful Kurseong city through our specialised Packages.

PRICE: INR 1500 + tax per person (Transport cost is included)

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