Phoenix Club at The Astor, Kolkata

Pub in Kolkata Phoenix at The Astor by Rosakue Pub In Park Street Nightlife In Kolkata

A popular entertainment spot and pub in Kolkata, Phoenix Club at The Astor, Kolkata is sketched in a vintage charm with globe pendant lights and tungsten filament LED look lamps. The interiors of this pub in Park Street emanate a trendy feel with its uniquely styled ceiling. Featuring Madrix LED Lighting solutions that configure up to 50,000 effects in sync with the music and an impressive line of artists, this club is Kolkata is a hip destination throughout! 

Live music, DJ nights and mesmerizing set of lights set the mood for a sensational experience of the nightlife in Kolkata.

Alcohol Served- Yes
Timings - 5 PM to Midnight